Knitting unites

Knitting unites

Stockholm Tunnelbana (aka metro). Endless masses of people (well, for Swedish standards) staring at their mobile phones, waiting for time to pass. I was just coming back from a concert I was playing, looking for a place to sit and getting my knitting out. And there she is. The old knitting lady who happily waves her needles at me as she sees me and who happens to have one free seat next to her (it’s as if people are afraid of her stabbing them – weird, I know^^)! So I sit next to her and we start up a conversation. Hold on, you say. Isn’t it the most normal thing to start up a conversation with some stranger? Much to learn you still have about Sweden, my young padawans!

Are ou ready for an intro to the Swedes? Lesson 1: Don’t talk to strangers. I happen to notice that with all the mobile interaction people tend to have while on public transport (yes, I hear all of your personal conversations, since you all shout them out at practiacally everyone, while thinking you’re alone with your friend on the phone, thank you very much!) the willingness to actually converse or even look at people around you is bordering to zero. So this lovely old lady is a refreshing change. She is knitting up a lovely hat for her 7 months old grandson which looks a bit like this one from Sandra Jäger:

beanie knitting pattern
Norwegian star beanie

So we sit and talk about our sons and – in her case – grandsons and as she gets up to catch her train she sais: “You know, it is warming my heart to see young people like you get back to knitting. And isn’t it beautiful how knitting connects people?” With that she gave me a hug and left. I had to smile all the way home.

Now the pair of socks that keeps me company on the train is almost finished and I’m already having ideas for the next pair. Maybe I’ll do some more public knitting. It seems to attract the nicest people 🙂

photography mumpitz
Spring flowers



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