Productivity mode

Productivity mode

It’s raining. The perfect weather for staying on the sofa and cuddling with your yarn πŸ™‚ What is better than a mug (a BIG one!) of tea and cozy music playing in rythm with your needles? And this is what happens. Toys of course πŸ™‚ And I even got further into finishing my first shawl-pattern ever! (coming soon – watch this space!) Oh boy, I know why I stuck to studying languages instead of maths πŸ™‚ But luckily I have the best test knitters in the world who know how to count properly πŸ™‚ Thank you ladies!!

Here is what I finished so far: A pair of owls as an anniversary gift, a love suirrel and the pair of socks I was knitting on the metro last week, too. And now I’m on to a new pair of metro socks and another shawl.

Owl knitting pattern
Anniversary Owls
Sally squirrel knitting pattern
Sally the squirrel

Last week I’ve been to the movies and instead of letting myself be bombed with their ads I took out my knitting. Much to the amusement of my seat neighbours. But I managed to get quite a bit further into my socks than I expected before the movie started. Have you ever done cinema-knitting? I usually don’t knit while watching a movie, but I think it might be worth a try if the result is more socks. Because winter is coming πŸ˜› Here they are! Not really my colours, but then again not my size, either. They’re up for grabs in my Etsy shop!

knit socks
Striped socks

And now?

KNITTING TIME! knitting time
Knitting time!



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