In the month of May…

In the month of May…

Love is in the air. The trees are finally green and everything is in bloom. People wander through nature and smile again after a long gray winter, some say “I love you” out loud for the first time, some get married and some just get their yarn bag out and knit 😛

There is something strangely satisfying in diving into the leftover bag and bask in the beauty of all the colourful yarns. Did I mention that I’m addicted to colourful yarns? And what’s better than knitting stuff from colourful yarn is knitting A LOT of stuff from colourful yarns! And take a new colour for each project. Yummyyyy!

knit hearts tutorial
work in progress

I made loads of these hearts for a friend’s baby’s christening day and I thought I’d share the pattern with you. It’s FREE, so grab it on Ravelry now and start knitting already 🙂

And when you’re finished there will be nothing better than giving one heart to your mother, one to your father, your sister, brother, best friend, lover, teacher, student, colleague or just the random person sitting next to you on the train. Because what is even better than knitting these is to give them away and enjoy the smiles they spread.

free knit hearts tutorial
Why not use the hearts as a key chain

free knitted hearts tutorial

free knit hearts tutorial
Dive in and find your favourite heart!

So, what are you waiting for? Who do you want to make smile today? I’d love to hear your stories and to know who you are giving these hearts to!


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