In the cake mood

In the cake mood

The best things about this season are all those yummy things that start growing now. Like aspargus or rhubarb. My favourite foods! So I’m going to share with you one of my mum’s (and mine!) favourite cake recipes (which doesn’t involve aspargus, sorry^^). But be aware, I’m not a food blogger, so no fancy schmancy recipes – only easy and yummy stuff! This one is so versatile that you can use it all year round and top it with any fruits you like. But it’s definitely best with rhubarb.

So here is what you need:

rhubarb cake
Eat it FRESH! Rhubarb and apples

250g wheat flour

1 egg (please consider using eggs from free roaming hens instead of cage hens!)

2tbs baking soda

90g sugar

2tbs vanilla sugar

125g butter (soft!)

Lemon zest to your liking

1-2 sweet apples

3-4 rhubarb stalks

Mix all ingredients in a bowl so that the dough gets crumbly and not too sticky. Use half of the crumbs to cover the bottom of a 30cm rectangular baking form.  Clean and cut apples and rhubarb to smaller pieces (yes – you’ll need to peel the rhubarb). Add apples and rhubarb to the baking form. You can sprinkle it lightly with sugar if you like, to take off some of the sourness. Crumble the rest of the dough on top of the apples and rhubarb mix and bake around 60minutes until the top of the cake is light brown.

rhubarb cake
Eat it warm 🙂

There you go, that wasn’t so hard! I wonder why cook books use so many words to explain things so simple 😛

rhubarb cake3

Enjoy while still warm. And why not use any left over rhubarb and apples to cook a delicious and super simple compote? Just throw the rhubarb and apple pieces into a pot with a little water, add sugar to your liking and let it cook until the apples are soft. Don’t forget to stir it often! Tastes great with a bit of custard 😛

Oh, and since I’m all about knitting while the cake is still baking, I also finished my pair of socks for this week. Here is the pattern:

Sock knitting pattern
Round and round socks

Happy bake-knitting 🙂


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