Baby boom

Baby boom

It’s that time, where everyone is popping babies. And new babies cry for new cute toys 🙂 Yay! That’s right up my alley! I made this ladybug and added a rattle to its belly. My son loves his, so I guess it’s baby approved 🙂 I hope the recipient likes it! It’s made from cotton yarn all pieces are knit/crochet on directly, so that small parts can’t fall off.

baby rattle toy
ladybug baby rattle toy

Since all my designs started because of babies when I didn’t have one myself I get a much better idea of what the little monsters like now that I have one of my own. If it makes noise and has an exciting texture they simply can’t resist. Although – I must admit – my son would drop anything for a half empty plastic water bottle. Thank you so much for the applause. Well. I guess you can’t have everything. But since all is new to him he will be forgiven.

lady bug knitting pattern
Marie the ladybug

Now that there are so many new babies around I get way too many ideas of what toy to make next. My list grows longer and longer. If only that package full of extra hands I ordered ages ago would arrive soon!! But at least one new pattern is in progress already, so it’s only 2967986976 more to go. Sigh…

Oh, I almost forgot to show you the socks I started on that plane to Helsingborg. They are long finished (The next pair, too, by the way. I guess I’m spending too much time on transport). Here they are. Can you guess what inspired me? 😛

knit socks
Creativity booster socks with flower pattern

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  1. This is adorable I have somewhat of a love for ladybugs I’m hoping the pattern is available thank you

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