You saved the day! (and some penguins)

You saved the day! (and some penguins)

Patty the penguin kniting pattern donation to WWF
Your adopted Emperor Penguin chick – THANK YOU!

You made it possible! In buying the Patty the Penguin knitting pattern you helped me donate the full price directly to the WWF.

With this money I symbolically adopted an Emperor Penguin chick for you, which arrived safely this week.

I was already able to donate 50$ and added another 30$ myself and I hope to be able to collect a lot more. This really makes me happy. It’s maybe just a very small drop on a very hot stone, but at least it is a drop and it hopefully will help a bit.

Thank you all and keep knitting penguins!!

Read the original blog post here

Here are some penguins that already hatched since the pattern release. Please do comment and share 🙂


I will ALWAYS donate 100% of the money from this pattern sale directly to the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation). Check out their work and see which other endangered animals need our help. So who said knitting doesn’t make a change?? You’ll make one!


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