Travelnillas – A guide on how to survive being a frequent traveler.

Travelnillas – A guide on how to survive being a frequent traveler.

I might have said this before, but commuting sucks. Well. Depending on how often you have to change trains/buses/flights. The only thing keeping me sane (well – kind of) is going into productivity mode as soon as I find a seat. Then the world vanishes and makes space for the unavoidable knitting frenzy that bubbles within me every day.

Every morning starts more or less the same: Try to find alarm clock. Throw alarm clock against wall. Try to find alarm clock again to make sure it’s completely dead. Rub eyes and walk to the sock-yarn-drawer. Open drawer and grab what’s on top (There are so many wonderful colours in my stash that I would take hours to decide if I tried this with open eyes). Check needles are in project bag and I’m good to go. Then, when I’m on the train to work I open my eyes and check what I grabbed and start knitting 🙂 So this is basically what I do. For longer trips I usually pack two to three big balls of yarn to make sure I’ll survive. The ideal project for an early-morning ride is a simple vanilla sock that doesn’t require much brain activity. Perfect for a non-coffee drinker like me. So guess how many travelnillas I already have stashed in my market bag? There might be the occasional pair of mitts coming up now, too.

On my last flight to Hamburg I was knitting socks. One Sock per flight. And people always comment on it. Someone even asked me, if I were knitting socks for my grandchildren. Thank you very much. I might be 30+, but I don’t look THAT old!

Well. Here is what I made last week. Have a look at my Etsy shop and you’ll find them all there.

Have a happy weekend and enjoy knitting 🙂

These are a variation on my convertible mitts with thumb flap

Mrs.Mumpitz Convertible mitts with thumb flap knitting pattern
Convertible mittens made from Touch Yarns merino

This time I made a parentkid-socks set 🙂

Striped socks by Mrsmumpitz

And some travelnillas (travel-vanilla socks)

Striped socks by Mrsmumpitz
more travelnillas

And of course I needed to do some leftovering, too 🙂 This mobile is already traveling by hot air mail to the US. Made from the hot air balloons mobile knitting pattern

Hot air balloons mobile knitting pattern
Hot air balloons mobile bound for Nashville, Tennessee

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