I’m dyeing for yarns

I’m dyeing for yarns

The bucket list. A never ending story. I can’t even remember when I put my first project on it, nor anything that happened in between, but finally I managed to start working on another point on that list. Dyeing. This project was long overdue. I bought Ashford dyes already two years ago in New Zealand at the Ashford Village store. (See some pictures of that trip here), the yarns to use for dyeing have been patiently waiting in their box for a year as well and now I’m finally starting to do it. Hand dye the first yarns. For real.

And I really must say it’s even more addictive than knitting. If that’s ever possible. And even better in combination with knitting 🙂 The first time I used only three colours to try out how they mix up, and I really like the results.

Hand dyed yarns by Mrsmumpitz
The family picture, first batch

And now I had to play around a bit with some more sunny colours…. (Can you tell that I have a thing for ocean tones? Hmmm.)

Trying out ashford dyes

I am really in love with how they all turned out. Now I’ll be off to experiment a bit more with some different shades and techniques and will leave you with something to drool over.

I put up some of these beauties in my Etsy Store!

dyed yarns by mumpitz.design
From dusk till dawn
dyeing for yarns
I love them ALL!

And here is batch number three which is currently blocking my bathroom for drying. 🙂 These ones are pure merino and two of them sock yarn with stelina. It’s going to be hard to decide which one to start knitting with! The midnight blue stelina yarn in the middle is not going to leave my side until it’s dry enough to start knitting with it 😛

yarns by Mumpitz.design
cross-dyed yarns


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