On a winter morning…

On a winter morning…

…I discovered that the year is almost over. So many things have happened in 2016 that it is hard to keep track. Luckily I have my Ravelry project gallery to remind me of what knits jumped off my needles… Phew!

This blog went online in May and I haven’t had as much time to blog as I would have liked to, but still I’m happy to see that there are some of you out there who seem to like it 🙂 Thank you for your support, folks!

So 2016 was a pretty crafty one. Between the work on blog, new branding and life, I managed to published 14 new patterns this year, two of them, the Fall in Love Shawl and mittens in collaboration with the wonderful and talented dyers from Hearthside fibers. A big thank you to Lael and Larry for your support and lovely yummy yarns! My first KAL with these patterns was a success and I hope to host more next year.

Fall in Love shawl knitting pattern
Fall in Love mitts made from Hearthside Fibers Baaboo Poinsetta

Two patterns that I released this year support charity organizations. 100% of the sales revenue for Patty the Penguin go directly to the WWF (see blogpost here). So far I have been able to donate more than 150$ from the pattern sale alone to the WWF already! THANK YOU!

Patty the Penguin knitting pattern
By Hstagner

The revenue for the Roundabout neckwarmer pattern (See blogpost here) is donated to the Swedish Cancer Foundation for Children www.barncancerfonden.se. So far I could collect around 40$ for them. THANK YOU!

Roundabout neckwarmer knitting pattern
Roundabout neckwarmer

I can’t believe how many beautiful things you all have made from my patterns this year! You rock!!! See finished objects that YOU all made in my HALL OF FAME!

In my corner of the world quite a few things jumped off my needles during the year and even though it feels like tons of things, they all seem to vanish one way or the other, to friend’s homes or my Etsy Shop, so that I am left with at least o bit of space to breathe and work in, still. Here’s what I made in 2016.

A total of 17 pairs of socks for example. Weird. It feels much more than that… Hmm. Maybe I should say I made 34 socks this year, whohoo!! Yeah, Much better.

handknit socks in 2016

The main part of my time goes of course into knitting toys. They are my passion and love and I can’t ever stop making them. So here they are, my toys 2016. I stopped counting at 50, so I don’t actually know how many I made 😛

Handknit toys 2016 by Mrsmumpitz

And 2016 has been a foxy mittens year. More than 10 pairs of Foyxy Mittens and more than 30 pairs in total later, I’m still not done mitten-ing for this year and probably never will be!

Handknit mittens 2016 by Mrsmumpitz

Here are some of the hats and scarves that I made, more than 20 for 2016, my favourite is the In Bloom Shawl on the top left. I still am in love with the yarn (I bought it on a trip to Canada) and these colours…

Handknit hats and scarves 2016 by Mrsmumpitz

And here are some miscellaneous things that I made. Yes, my first sweaters EVER came to be this year. That seems like ages ago already… Where did time go?? From top left to bottom right, I guess 😛

and some misc items made in 2016

Oh, and I also started dyeing! Oh boy I LOVE it. I’m working on a sweater for my son made from hand dyed yarn, It can’t get any better than that 🙂 We’ll see what happens next year 😛 (Find some hanks in my Etsy shop here)

Handdyed yarns by Mrsmumpitz

So all in all 2016 wasn’t so bad. (Luckily this isn’t a political or VIP related blog…). I am excited to see what 2017 holds in stock for us and can’t wait to see your projects, hear your thoughts and get to designing a bit more. Two new patterns are already in the making, so stay tuned for new designs in 2017 and THANK YOU for your support! You are the reason that keeps me doing what I do!

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and keep knitting! 🙂

Happy new Year!
Fireworks in Stockholm


2 thoughts on “On a winter morning…

  1. I just subscribed to your blog. It ‘s just amazing how crative you are. I don’t commute to work, but when I’m travelling by train I’ always have my knitting with me. I wish you all the best for the new year and always some yarn to knit.

    1. Thank you so much! You’re very sweet! 🙂 I wish you the same and a lot of creativity for the coming year.
      Btw, there is one new design that’s about to be published on the 1st 🙂

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