Crazy Flowers – new pattern

Crazy Flowers – new pattern

First of all, I wish you all a

Very Happy New Year!

May 2017 be a great one for all of us! And what better way to kick off a new year than to celebrate it with a brand new pattern?

I’m happy to present to you the very versatile CRAZY FLOWERS knitting pattern.

Crazy flowers knitting pattern
Crazy flowers knitting pattern in three different sizes

It comes in three different sizes and on top of that it’s super easy to customize as well, so you can make anything, from super tiny to gigantic flowers with this pattern. AND it works incredibly well for scrap yarn 🙂 So get your leftover boxes out and knit up a bit if spring feeling right now 🙂

Crazy flowers knitting pattern
Crazy flowers knitting pattern in three different sizes

I designed this pattern in cooperation with the talented dyer from Australia, Cordula from Wooltopia. She specializes in gradient yarns in beautiful colourways and also made these lovely Rainbow Mini Skeins for me that you can see in the pictures. They are made from merino wool and came in fingering weight, so the smallest flower measures about 6cm/2.5in. A perfect size for a brooch or a lovely embellishment on your next bigger project! The colours really pop and I can barely decide which ones to use for the next few flowers.

Here are a few more details about the pattern:

You need a cute pillow, baby mobile, button or spring decoration? These cute and versatile flowers will fit any bill. They are easy to knit, can be made from any yarn weight and will use up your scraps in an adorable way.

3 Different sizes are given.

Following techniques are used to knit these flowers:

  • knit in the round (on double pointed needles or cable needle)
  • simple increases and decreases
  • picking up stitches (optional. You can also knit parts separately and sew on later, if you prefer)

What you need:

Yarn: Depending on the desired size of your flower, you will need a hand full of sock weight leftovers, or a box or bulky yarn. The important thing is to use yarn of the same weight for the entire flower.
For the big flower (used as a pillow) I used 9x 5-6grams of Wooltopia Rainbow Minis Merino (sock weight, 4ply). The pillow measures 35cm/14in in diameter.
The small flower measures 6cm/2.5in and used up 9×1-2g of the same yarn. The medium flower measures 15cm/6in and I used 9×3-4g.

Needles Choose needles according to your desired yarn, either a set of double pointed needles or
a cable needle, as you prefer. I used 2.5mm double pointed needles for my flowers

  • Fiberfill
  • Tapestry needle to sew in ends

THANK YOU to my wonderful test knitters  Binle, SiNessi, Suzieqtee, Trametes1971, Strickmoidl, Loonywooly and Sylie! Make sure to check out their lovely flowers, too!

Crazy flowers knitting pattern
by Trametes1971
Crazy flowers knitting pattern
by Sinessi
Crazy flowers knitting pattern
by strickmoidl
Crazy flowers knitting pattern
by Binle
Crazy flowers knitting pattern
by sylie
Crazy flowers knitting pattern
by loonywooly

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