Rocking the Sockables

Rocking the Sockables

Do you remember this one?

Mumpitz Design
The Sockables

My Sockables. They have been gathering and (not quite so) secretly multiplying for ages and apparently are having a bit of a hard time breathing of late, so I decided to stash them down a little (more) so that no one can accuse me of factory farming…

So in the last two weeks I’ve been Train-knitting a lot again and also discovered that sofa time while watching movies is also great for Vanilla-socking! Oh dear, what am I going to do with so many socks? I need to find a solution to this problem, too 😛 Until I do I put the excess socks in my Etsy-shop.  I guess all my family and friends are already suffering from a sock-overload (if not, please do call out now :P).

Here’s what I’ve been socking so far in these last two weeks.

First I got this lovely Regia yarn from a friend and since 50g usually isn’t enough for a pair my size I added a bit of my own hand dyed glitz yarn for the cuff and toes. And I must say, these are defnitely my new favourite socks!! Do you love them as much as I do??

handknit socks by Mmumpitz Design
From Regia sock yarn – Arne and Carlos design line, with hand dyed cuff and toes

Then I thought the contrasting cuff and heel really made the yarn pop and since my stash is overflowing with half used-up balls of Sockables I had to make another pair with contrasts. And I really like this one, too! So guess what happened then. Right. I got hooked. Usually I would go for colours that match well and blend into one another, but contrasts are much more fun to work with. So why not grab two colours that pop against each other and combine them?

handknit socks by Mmumpitz Design
contrasts for the win!!

Then all of a sudden my husband went: ‘hey, you’re on a sock roll. How about a pair for me?’ Well… that’s unusual, but if he asks that nicely, who can resist? 🙂 The only thing is… he’s a size 47… Sigh. But as a good wife I can’t refuse and also this got rid of a whole ball of Sockables, yay :)) I love it when I make two people happy at the same time!

handknit socks by Mumpitz Design
Handknit socks with reinforced cuff and heel (size 47)

So on it went 🙂

handknit socks by Mmumpitz Design
Some leftover combination tests
handknit socks by Mmumpitz Design
and what became of it

..and on…

handknit socks by Mmumpitz Design
Socks on the rocks
Handknit socks with reinforced cuff and heel
Handknit socks with reinforced cuff and heel

…and on.

I don’t want to bore you with every single pair of socks I’m knitting, just wanted to show you some and maybe inspire you to dive into your stash and contrast the hell out of your Sockables, too 🙂 It’s really a lot of fun and since cuff and toes (or why not add a contrasting heel, too?) don’t require a lot of yarn, they are also great leftover-eaters 🙂 Just saying 🙂

I better get back to my next pair, maybe I can crack the ten-pair-mark until next weekend 🙂 Happy knitting to you all!

De-stashing Sockables
De-stashing Sockables

7 thoughts on “Rocking the Sockables

    1. Thank you! I didn’t think they would be this nice in the beginning, but I really like it, too 🙂 What are you knitting now?

      1. Right now there’s a pair with cables in red with cuffs, toes and heels in grey. Next I will try some mosaic patterns with leftovers, seems you can play a lot with contrasts there.

        1. I love leftover projects! Especially the ones going crazy on colours. Will you be making socks? Or something completely different?

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