Dart Mitts – new pattern out now!

Dart Mitts – new pattern out now!

Hooray for maternity leave! All of a sudden I get things done that have been on my mind for aeons. And getting my yarn out to play is only one of them. I have been toying with the idea of creating a pattern for a specific hand dyed yarn for ages now and am finally able to show you the results:

Here it is, the brand new Dart mitts pattern that goes perfectly with the Mumpitz Design Bamboo yarns!

I have had fun experimenting around with different repeatable colourways and these four are my favourites: Golden Sunset, Green Day, Blue Suede Shoes and Berry (top left to bottom right)

Mumpitz Design Bamboo handdyed yarn
Mumpitz Design Bamboo hand dyed yarn

This beautiful and incredibly soft wool and bamboo yarn is a dream to work with. It is now available in 4 different repeatable colourways with lovely subtle colour changes throughout the whole skein (400m (437yds), 100g (3.5 oz). Featherweight and supersoft bamboo blend yarn is a treat for your skin. It works great for non-scratchy for close-to-skin garments like shawls and equally well for socks, for stranded colorwork, lace, or textured patterns calling for a fingering weight yarn. Oh, and it is machine washable at 40°C and has a lovely shimmering texture and tight stitch definition. KITS including yarn and pattern can be found here.

I also tried the pattern with the Sock glitter as it has been screaming USE MEEEEEE for a while now. And since I’m pregnant and my brain cells seem to be occupied doing something else, I wasn’t paying attention and made two lefties 😛 So I ended up making two pairs. Sigh.

for people with two left hands…
Mumpitz Design Sock glitter handdyed yarn
Mumpitz Design Sock glitter hand dyed yarn

The fingerless mittens work well with any type of fingering yarn and are a lovely way of showing off your favourite yarn on a pretty lace pattern. They are easy to knit and yield striking results, especially when you are using solid/semi-solid colours or tonal yarns. As everyone knits differently (as my poor test knitters had to find out :P) I decided to add variations with different stitch counts to the pattern which are given in charts as well as in written instructions. This way I hope everyone will be happy with their results!

This pattern is suitable for beginners with basic knowledge.
Techniques used are:

  • knitting in the round
  • simple increases and decreases
  • yarn overs

What you need:

  • approx. 50g fingering yarn, for example Mumpitz Bamboo (400m/100g) or Mumpitz Merino (400m/100g) in your favourite colours. My mittens are made from Mumpitz Bamboo (Berry) and Mumpitz Sock (Nebula).
  • 5double pointed needles 2.5 or 3mm
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle to sew in ends

Thank you to my wonderful test knitters Trametes1971 Strickhummel2108, Kathinka14, Meise, Mausebinchen, Urmare, Binle, SINessi and Suzieqtee for proof reading!

Here are their lovely test results, all more beautiful than I could have imagined!

Dart mitts knitting pattern
by kathinka14
Dart mitts knitting pattern
by mausebinchen
Dart mitts knitting pattern
by Meise
Dart mitts knitting pattern
by Sinessi
Dart mitts knitting pattern
by strickhummel2108
Dart mitts knitting pattern
by Trametes1971
Dart mitts knitting pattern
by urmare

Happy knitting!

5 thoughts on “Dart Mitts – new pattern out now!

  1. Yup, yup! The 2 universe-colored lefties carry my name, I see X) I have to say that I really like both effects (both variegated and tonal), and yeah….a yarn base with bamboo can only mean bliss =D

    1. Hehe, happy leftie-family 🙂 I can’t really say which one I like better, the nebula one is definitely more exciting to work with from a surprise point of view 🙂

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