Of Ducks and Crates

Of Ducks and Crates

It’s June already! Days are getting incredibly long (it never gets dark anymore up here, so thank goodness for proper window blinds) and thankfully it’s nice and warm outside, too!

The season for hanging out by the lake, building sand castles on the beach and outdoor-knitting just started!

Lately my son’s obsession with ducks and chicken has been fueled by hundreds of newly hatched goose chicks running around everywhere and every time he sees anything resembling a duck he goes ‘gackgack’…

Mumpitz Design photography
Goose chicks on Fjäderholmerna islands

So of course the consequence was to knit a duck for him and he is totally in love with it now. Dalla the Duck was my first knitting pattern ever and I’m still loving it today.

It all started about ten – no, thirteen years ago now, when my sister in law was pregnant and I wanted to make a cuddly toy for my soon-to-be nephew. Like the one I was given by my aunt when I was born and still can’t sleep without today. So I went hunting for a toy pattern that fit the description:

  1. Perfect size,
  2. absolutely lovable,
  3. easy to knit and most importantly:

So there I was, leafing through what was at that time a pretty limited number of patterns of some admittedly very cute and lovable toys, but most of them were knit flat and in seemingly one million different pieces.

So instead of giving myself a headache, a pair of cramped hands and my nephew a toy that looked like a stitched-up zombie, I decided to give it a try and knit it up in the round. All limbs attached. Truth to be told, it took me a while to get the shaping right but once it was done, I promised myself to NEVER go back to knitting flat.

This is the one that just jumped off my needles yesterday evening and that already found a spot in my son’s heart.

Dalla the Duck knitting pattern
Dalla the Duck knitting pattern

On a different note I’m excited to announce that some of my patterns will be featured in the June and July KnitCrates!

KnitCrate is actually a fun concept that gives you the possibility to check out new yarns and matching pattern combos every month. Also if you love squishy soft yarn surprises, this one is exactly for you! Each shipment is carefully built to include only the very best. Contents vary based on your selections, but they regularly feature:

  • The highest quality yarns from both well known companies and up and coming new brands
  • Patterns appropriate for the yarn include from the designers you love
  • Notions, treats and products specifically selected with crafters in mind
  • Bonus coupons, codes, and exclusive deals only available to Knitcrate members

And the best thing about it?

Mumpitz Design gives you 20% OFF the first month of subscription! Subscribe here!


1 Subscribe, choose the Crate that best suits you! They have projects for all knitting interests (beginners, intermediate and advanced options).
2 Receive your yarn: Your yarn ships directly to you. Flat rate S&H worldwide.
3 Enjoy your project! KnitCrate partners with both well-known and independent designers and fiber artists to bring you only the best each month!

Happy knitting and enjoy the first day of the month of June!

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