Thank you, seriously!

Thank you, seriously!

Did you now that there were 381 new species discovered in the Amazon in the past few years? That we knew less about what’s deep down in the ocean than what’s in space?  I want to say THANK YOU to you all for supporting me supporting good causes.

It’s been only a short time since I started designing patterns in support of the World Wildlife Fund and the Swedish children’s cancer foundation,   but already and with your help I was able to send more than 300$ to the two organisations.

I just made yet another donation to the WWF in your name, my dear fans! Thanks to your support, encouragement, your buying the Knit a Whale

knit a whale knitting pattern - in support of the WWF!
knit a whale knitting pattern – in support of the WWF!

and Patty the Penguin knitting patterns

Patty the Penguin knitting pattern, in English and German. 80% of the sale price goes directly to WWF!
Patty the Penguin knitting pattern, in English and German, supporting the WWF

The next donation for the Swedish Children’s cancer Foundation will be sent soon! Get the Roundabout Neckwarmer knitting pattern and support this cause now:

Roundabout neckwarmer knitting pattern
Roundabout Neck warmer in support of the Swedish Children’s Cancer Foundation

And most of all: THANK YOU for SHARING your knitted toys and making others see them, we can keep supporting great causes! Everything counts. So please continue spreading the word, share links to the pattern with your friends, on social media or wherever you go and tell everyone that we can make a change together!

I participated in the plastic free July challenge  – and to be honest, I never thought it would be so hard. Pretty much everything you buy comes wrapped in plastic or tagged with plastic tags. You get swamped with plastic bags if you don’t explicitly say you don’t want one… At least they make you pay for plastic bags around here nowadays. But Seriously. We need to change this plastic-mania! And I don’t even use any of these below:

Mumpitz Design
Plastic free July – please make it the plastic free future

I have a canteen for my water, canvas bags (I got one like this, but why not knit one??) and really, who needs straws anyways??

Mumpitz Design
reusable and foldable shopping bags

And what the heck is this about coffee to go in a disposable mug?? What happened to real mugs? Or even reusable mugs to go?? Seriously. I don’t get it. If you have to be a hipster, please be a responsible one. 🙂

So, will you join me on the all year round plastic reduced challenge?

Or contribute in any other way you think of to make this world a place where we all can go on living. In any case, THANK you for you support so far!

Big thumbs up to you all and please keep it up!

Happy knitting!

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