Of scraps and happy elephants

Of scraps and happy elephants

Mumpitz Design
My favourite bowl of yarn!

You get it. I’m a yarn junkie. But admit it: So are you, or you wouldn’t be reading this πŸ™‚ So you know I’m addicted to these little bits and scraps of yarn that some people call leftovers, yes? I keep piling them up in a vase, where I can see them every day and they keep calling to me. Take me! Knit me! Be creative NOW! Some days it’s almost unbearable, that noise they make!

Well. This time I had to give in, so I sorted through this lovely bowl of yarn to get to the smallest bits out for my next projects.

Mumpitz Design

First of all I needed more hot air balloons, as I am knitting some to go to TΓΌdelkram und Kleine Monster – a store with handmade clothes and toys in my home town Stade in Germany.

They are so darn addictive!! I was planning to make only one mobile with six balloons but I got hooked (again!) and made two full sets. And can you guess? My bowl of leftovers doesn’t look any less crowded… (For tutorials on shaping these balloons see here)

Hot air balloons mobile knitting pattern
Hot air balloons mobile

Here is what my work bench looks like when I go scrap-crazy… If I wouldn’t have other projects to knit for my little ones I could have gone on forever…

Hot air balloons mobile knitting pattern
Work in progress
Hot air balloons mobile knitting pattern
Fly away and spread some joy!

I ran out of fiberfill in the middle of this frenzy, though and as the next load was still trapped in some post van along the way I was finally able to write down was had been on my mind for a while: a scrap-happy elephant! This one is so much fun, it will definitely be my next addiction. (sigh) PATTERN IN TESTING NOW

Edit: Scrappyphant pattern Available in English and German on Ravelry, Etsy, Craftsy and DaWanda now!

Mumpitz Design Scrappyphant knitting pattern
Scrappyphant number one still needs stuffing…

I want this toy to be a cool mini-scrappy-vore that makes people happy just by looking at it and even more so while knitting it! It is currently being thoroughly tested by my lovely test knitters and they are having loads of fun and ideas for it! You can be looking forward to yet another pattern that will be fun to make, eating your scraps and supporting the WWF 100%! (More patterns supporting the WWF are Knit a whale and Patty the Penguin)

It will come in two sizes, this one and a smaller version that will be happy to relieve you of the tiniest balls of scraps that you are hoarding!

Scrappyphant knitting pattern
Scrappyphant knitting pattern

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Happy knitting!



20 thoughts on “Of scraps and happy elephants

    1. I’m glad you like them! I’ll publish the pattern as soon as my testers give me green light. If you sign up for my newsletter you can’t miss it!

    1. Thank you for your interest! You can sign up for me newsletter so you won’t miss the release date πŸ™‚

  1. I’m so glad to have seen your post on Facebook. Love your creativity, and yes, I can’t throw a scrap away either (that yarn was expensive πŸ’°). I currently am making 2″ mitered squares (connect as you go) into a shawl I will trim in black yarn. Then what to do with THOSE left-overs? I will check out your patterns on Ravelry (perhaps Pinterest also?). Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I love Leftovering πŸ™‚ Mitered square shawl sounds great!! I’m sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration here and on Pinterest (don’t get me started on it!!)… I have a huuuge collection of inspiration there, too!

  2. Oooh – using up scraps on elephants, two of my favorite things! I have signed up for your newsletter and look forward to hearing more from you.

  3. That mobile is amazing!! I love it! Well done… And thanks for the idea on the scraps! I love how it doubles as a decoration!

    1. Awww thank you! It makes my kids (and me, too!) very happy πŸ™‚ And there is no lovelier decoration than yarn, why hide the little balls of joy?

  4. Aaaawwww! So cuuuuute! I definitely need to make at least one in 2018! And I doubt I can stop after one, right?
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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