Knitting International #4 – Linda Marveng, Norway

Knitting International #4 – Linda Marveng, Norway

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I was looking westwards at my neighbour Norway and found a very talented designer from Oslo that I would like you to get to know a little better. In Interview #4 for Knitting International read about

Linda Marveng, Norway

Mumpitz Design blog
Linda Marveng

Linda is a Norwegian knitter who loves to design. Her background is in art history and she worked for a number of years with marketing and PR for architectural firms in London where she met her husband. After a few years she wanted to go back to her hobby knitting and applied for a job as Design Consultant for Rowan Yarns. After nearly 15 years in London she managed to convince her British husband to move back to Oslo 3 years ago. She currently designs for magazines like the American Interweave Knits, knit.wear and the Norwegian Familien, for yarn companies like The Fibre Co and Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. She also holds workshops, translates and formats patterns for Norwegian magazines and fellow designers. Her craze is designing classical garments with a modern twist incorporating cables or lace. Linda’s favorite food is grilled fish, preferably served on a warm evening somewhere in southern Europe. At her home in Norway it will be cod baked in the oven.

Linda will give away two of her lovely patterns to readers of this blog. Please comment below!

What started your crafting frenzy and when?

I learnt at school at the age of 10 but needed a lot of help from my mum. I began designing in 2008, after tweaking so many patterns to make them fit me. Shortly afterwards I was asked by a Norwegian publisher if I wanted to make a knitting book, and that was a great challenge for me.

Knitting in Norway is an extremely popular hobby with a large percentage of women taking part, especially due to the long tradition of handcrafts and long winter evenings. The knitting scene is focused on stranded colourwork, either all over or with classical borders, on straight pullovers for skiing or straight cardigans called “kofte”. The garments are mainly steeked and finished using a sewing machine. So moving to the UK I discovering a very different knitting world ignited my love for cables, lace, a more feminine silhouette and professional finishing.

My first special design is my Aran Bolero, that ended up on the cover of my Norwegian knitting book. I am pleased with the combination of cable patterns, how well the yarn fits the design and the overall silhouette of it.

Mumpitz Design blog
Aran Bolero by Linda Marveng

Who do you design for?

Women who like elegant and stylish garments, at least that is what I aim for.

Show us your stash!

I am still in the process of unpacking my boxes of garments, yarn and workshop materials since our move in April. But I am incredibly fortunate to have both a studio and a yarn bunker in our new home. Here is a photo of some of my treasures from my stash.

Mumpitz Design blog
Linda’s stash

What is your cryptonite?

Any yarn I find gorgeous due to its fibre content, its heathered or hand-dyed shade and resulting stitch definition. Inspirational stitch bibles and books like Norah Gaughan’s Knitted Cable Sourcebook. Sculptural shoes and statement jewellery are also pure cryptonite for me.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on a new design submission for Interweave Knits, hence I cannot show you that. I do not have any extra time to knit anything else than my samples of my new designs these days. 

Which are your weapons of choice?

My favourite weapon is my Signature knitting needles.

Which is your source of inspiration?

I am influenced by fashion designers but also by architecture and sculptural lines as well as nature itself. I find inspirations in magazines, books, on Pinterest and just by walking around observing.

Do you have a partner-in-crime designer/critique/best friend that works with you?

I work on my own designing but have several talented knitters who help me make samples. I am fortunate to have my husband doing all my graphical work including making my logo. Last spring, I also had an exciting collaboration with an acknowledged Norwegian crime author, Hanne Kristin Rohde, who wanted to make a design for her protagonist called Wilma Lind. It resulted in a jacket I called Wilma Lind Jacket and a lot of press coverage in Norway.

Mumpitz Design blog
Wilma Lind by Linda Marveng

Which designer/s participating in the GAL caught your attention and why?

Fellow Norwegian Kari-Helene Rane caught my attention because of her sharp tailoring skills. Check out the Icon Dress

Mumpitz Design blog
Icon Dress by Kari-Helene Rane


I have started to unveil the 7 new designs I have created that where professionally photographed in October, so do follow me. Here is a sneak peek of Donia, a poncho made for Hillesvåg Ullvarefabrikk. I am styling it with a belt and I am wearing my Helka (cover picture) with Saqqara on top assisted by Hair & Makeup Artist Sissel Fylling.

Mumpitz Design blog
Donia sneak peek

And silly me couldn’t resist and ask Linda, how many Norwegian traditional sweaters she had so far:;

I have not knit that many traditional sweaters in my life, probably less than 10 and most of those have been gifts. As a teenager I loved wearing my dad’s old sweaters that my mum had knitted in her youth. My oldest nephew is wearing some of those now.

Read Linda’s blog here

Linda will give away two of her lovely patterns to readers of this blog. Which is your favourite of her patterns? Please comment below!

Find more interviews in the Knitting International series here:

Today is the last day to grab more than 5300 patterns at 25% off (use coupon code giftalong2017)

Sale ends tonight, 23:59 US EST


Happy knitting!


21 thoughts on “Knitting International #4 – Linda Marveng, Norway

  1. I feel blessed to be one of Linda’s test knitters for the English version of her gorgeous patterns. Linda is so talented, I can’t resist knitting every new design of her. 😉

  2. This is such a hard, hard question to answer! Nope I’ll have to go with 2.
    When wanting to feel like a glam queen I’d have to say Kohno Kimono.
    For the best dressed casual, live it in every day without taking it off… it would be Eira Pullover. :))

  3. “Sculptural shoes and statement jewellery are also pure cryptonite for me.” – I knew that from the photoshoots of her models 🙂

    There are so many of Linda’s designs that are utterly gorgeous – in fact I don’t think there is a single one that I don’t like, my choice is more based on how I think they’d look on my rather than any other consideration. The jacket at the top is breathlessly beautiful, but of the already published ones the first on my “hitlist” is the Cablewing Sweater, though I also pine for the one Linda is wearing in the first of her pictures, which is the Cable Round Sweater (though Mistale is gorgeous too… somebody stop me! 🙂

      1. WOW, I’m delighted, a lovely early Christmas present 🙂
        Above all, thank so much for your blog post/interview, very interesting!

        1. you’re welcome! Don’t miss the other interviews and giveaways on this blog! There will be many more before Christmas!

  4. Too many to choose from and every time I look at her portfolio I find something new that I like. Right now I’d have to say my favourite is Beckside, though it might be tied with Oydis Sweater.

  5. Awesome Linda! It’s a pure pleasure to be knitting and wearing your design!
    Thank You!!!

    Also, I drooled over your stash picture….I’m weak … 😊

  6. I love all of Linda’s designs. Cannot choose just one, but Gyda, Adoe, Gaylia and Melva are right up at the top of my favourites. Oh and for something different, White Mountain Ruana was recently published in Interweave Knits, and that is definitely on my needles for winter.

  7. I love Linda’s designs, my all time favourite is Wilma Lind Jacket which I’ve knitted, and the 2 other favourites I haven’t knitted are Helka and Check Cable Cardigan, though I can easily name another 3 more that I love and plan on getting eventually

  8. I could write a long list of my favorites, but I would like to knit a poncho, and I love “Iglu”.
    I lived in Bergen for 3 years, a long time ago and knitting was my hobby. Love all your patterns!

  9. Oh my goodness, so many beautiful designs to choose from, I’m so glad i found this designer, i cant wait to get started . I just dont know which to knit first, so classy.

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