Knitting International #13 – Cynthia Levy, Canada

Knitting International #13 – Cynthia Levy, Canada

Do you love cables? Me too! That’s why these designs couldn’t be left out in this series of interviews during the 2017 Indie Design Gift-Along. I first came across the Razzle Dazzle Socks (cover picture) on my hunt for Christmas knits and had to check out te other designs connected, so I want to introduce you to

Cynthia Levy, (aka Redtigerdesigns), Canada

Cynthia grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada and currently lives in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada with her husband, a floatplane, and snowmachines named George and Tundra Sam. Whenshe is not busy with her day job, she can be found enjoying all the outdoor adventure opportunities available in the Canadian north or indulging her obsessions with knitting, quilting, and pottery. Her favorite foods are local delicacies. lobster and fiddleheads from Atlantic Canada and bison and cranberries from the North.

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What started your crafting frenzy and when? 

I’ve done all sorts of crafts for longer than I can remember and I always dive in headfirst!  My grandmother taught me to knit and embroider when I was very young.  My first project was a fair isle sweater that I wanted to wear with a figure skating skirt.  My mother thankfully realized the futility of suggesting that I practice on a dishcloth or scarf and just supplied the necessary yarn.

What was your first ever design and why did you make it? Tell us what’s special about it! (I’ll need Ravelry link and would love to show a picture) 

 My first original design was Honeycomb Cable Socks.  I’m not sure what prompted me to make them other than having a skein of wonderfully squishy yarn and needing a cozy pair of socks.  These socks feature a casual honeycomb and cable pattern and are easy to knit and super comfortable.

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Honeycomb Cable Socks by Redtigerdesigns

Who do you design for? 

I design mostly for myself and close family.  My niece suffers from perpetually cold hands and insists that she must be kept stocked with fingerless mitts at all times.  I design a new pair to slip in her stocking each Christmas and she wears them immediately and constantly upon unwrapping.

Show us your stash! 

Stash enhancement is a challenge living in Yellowknife, since we have no local yarn shops, but that’s why online shopping and travel were invented.  Most of my stash consists of single skeins of fingering weight yarn because I can buy any skein that catches my fancy without planning a project or design in advance.  The photo shows just a hint of my collection!

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Sock Yarn Stash

What is your cryptonite?

 Cheese, mango popsicles, and tea.  Not necessarily in that order or not usually the same time.

What are you working on right now?

Alas, the day job interferes right now.  And Christmas cookie baking is calling me.

Which are your weapons of choice? (aka knitting gear/notebook…?) 

Knitting needles, obviously!  I never leave home without them.  My favorites are Knitter’s Pride Karbonz, Zing, and ChiaGoo stainless steel lace.  A Ravelry friend recently gifted me a Lykke wooden circular needle that I’m excited to try.  I also love pretty stitch markers, erasable pens and highliters, and blocking tools.

Which is your source of inspiration? 

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere.  The northern landscape is always giving me ideas for new designs.  My Tundra Trails Socks were inspired by a glorious weekend spent camping on the tundra and hiking among barrenland caribou.

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Tundra Trails Inspiration Collage

Do you have a partner-in-crime designer/critique/best friend that works with you?

I wish!  My husband is my very reluctant photographer.  He needs a lot of carefully timed coaxing before scheduling very time limited photo shoots.  Some designs have waited patiently for many months before getting their moment in front of the camera.

Which designer/s participating in the GAL caught your attention and why? 

I’ve had my eyes open for an epic lace shawl pattern for quite some time.  The patterns of Mary-Anne Mace of Lace Eater Designs grabbed my attention.  Her lace shawls are incredible!  Some of her designs combine all of my favorite things… cables, lace and beads.  I’m having trouble choosing just one.  Maybe Mad Blood?

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Mad Blood by Mary-Anne Mace

What’s next in your queue? 

I’m planning to make some Joshua Tree Memory Mitts as a Christmas gift.  The sideways construction and combination of linen stitch and colorwork is so clever and effective.  I know who the lucky recipient will be, but it’s a secret!

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Joshua Tree Memory Mitts by Linette Grayum


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Happy knitting!


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