GAL work in progress

GAL work in progress

Phew. So many interviews, so many new ideas and my queue has definitely tripled since before the Indie Design Gift Along started. You have been reading about only 13 of the 300 plus designers participating in the GAL and I hope you have found one or two new favourites. I know I certainly did! And I’m glad to see that some of you managed to win a new favourite pattern during the giveaways.

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I loved having interviews with designers I discovered, so I’ll definitely keep that up for the new year! But for now I need to work on clearing out a little more of my stash!

This year of yarn diet is almost over and I haven’t even cleared one single drawer yet! How is that even possible? I’ve been knitting like crazy and finished all of these during the last month and still no white shimmering through the yarn cracks… There must be a spell on my stash! 6 Owls, three dragon hats, two pairs of convertible monster mittens, several baby hats and fingerless mittens later, there’s not even a dent in my stash it seems. (Well, to be honest I do see the difference, but I’m pretty sure my husband would tell you otherwise)

Mumpitz Design knitting patterns

This one was intended as a Christmas gift for my toddler, but was discovered early and adopted on the spot. So good to see that my kids love what I make for them! Bigglesworth the Bat by Cilla Webb was my first purchase for the GAL and a fabulous knit! I usually have trouble following patterns (even my own), but this one was so straight forward I couldn’t go wrong. Of course I ran out of yarn in the process, so I added bits and pieces of my treasure trove (aka leftover bowl) to him and love how he turned out! So much character! Now it has an acrylic body with alpaca ears and even a bit of silk on his wing tip and nose πŸ™‚

Mumpitz Design blog
Bigglesworth the Bat by Cilla Webb

There’s just one two more weeks left until this year is out, and I am dead set on reducing my stash even more. I am sure even my husband will see the difference by then! But as much as he laughs about my yarn craze, he also supports me a lot here. As he saw I was rock hard in my resolve not to buy any yarn myself he gave me the Opal yarn adventcalendar as a birthday gift. How can I not love this guy??

Mumpitz Design blog
Opal yarn advent calendar

So on those tiny hours between getting the monsters into their beds and falling asleep on the sofa I managed to dig into this trove of mini skeins that brighten my every day now. One toddler sized sock leaves me with enough left overs that I can combine for a crazy colourful pair of socks for myself! Whoopwhoop!

Mumpitz Design knitting patterns

My latest FO s this pair of convertible mittens with thumb flap for a friend. She has very small hands, so I hope they will fit her. I used Mumpitz Sock nebulaΒ glitter and am really in love with these, so maybe I need to make a pair for myself once the Christmas frenzy is over…

Mrs. Mumpitz Convertible mitts with thumb flap knitting pattern
Mrs. Mumpitz Convertible mitts with thumb flap

Now I need to grab my DK yarn drawer by the knob (pardon my French) and knit the heck out of those leftovers in there! At least ONE drawer will be empty by the end of the year, I promise!!! (ARGH)

Mumpitz Design blog
Destash in progress!

To the needles!!

Happy knitting and happy holidays!!


6 thoughts on “GAL work in progress

  1. YAY for awesome hubbies and yay for so many FO’s!!!!
    LOL, you won me with those convertible mitts that I had to go check them out before getting to respond.. Nice one! πŸ˜‰

    1. haha πŸ™‚ I hope to knit a lot more before the year is out! (But I also hope to win the lottery…what are the chances for both?) What’s on your needles now?

        1. That would be nice for a change. Maybe I should start playing the lottery then πŸ™‚ Ah, I saw this top already, so elegant! I couldn’t wear that πŸ™

          1. I’m back! LOL, speaking of backs, it is verrrry elegant but alas it’s not something I could pull off either with that length. This will be a short back so I can have it for every day wear. It will more than likely end up the same length as the front which means I could have made it in the round but time will tell. Haven’t had a chance to touch it the last few days so I’m definitely under pressure to get it finished!

          2. you go, girl! I hope you’ll find some time to finish it during the holidays! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done! I was busy making some last minute gifts and wil now head towards the kitchen after hitting publish for the next post here.
            Happy holiday knitting!

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