WIP Wednesday, new pattern sneak peek and 2018 goals

WIP Wednesday, new pattern sneak peek and 2018 goals

Is is WIP Wednesday or what? I’ve been swamped with work and didn’t have a lot of time to get creative, BUT! I have made my list of things I want to do and try for 2018 now. AND I can promise you already that there will be a new cuddly cute toy pattern out soon!! (Want a sneak peek? Read on 🙂 )
But first things first: It’s Wednesday, the day of work in progress, so tell me, what’s on your needles? Here’s my Cuddle me Caterpillar in progress 🙂 I haven’t made one in a while so I was actually forced to look it up in my own patterns hehe. Thank goodness I wrote the patterns down!
Cuddle me Caterpillar knitting pattern
Cuddle me Caterpillar

So here’s a list of things I want to do in 2018

knitting techniques to learn:

  • double face knitting
  • Latvian braids
  • brioche
  • I-cord bind off
  • fair isle (for real, I suck at this…)

As fortune wills it, a friend of mine – the talented String Alchemist – is working on a new incredible pattern and I am going to test knit this beauty! This will be ticking off a few points off my list. Here’s a hint for you: It’s not the hat 🙂 We went for a lovely snowy photoshoot last week and I cannot wait to show you the real pics!

Mumpitz Design blog
Sneak peek to String Alchemist’s newest design! Can’t wait!
  • knit something for myself! After I had to realize that my own mittens are kind of outdated (ehem), I decided to start a new pair for myself. For a change. So I started to tick off the most urgent point off the list because this is unacceptable…

    Mrs.Mumpitz Convertible Mittens with thumb flap
    time for a new pair, right?

So from this…

Mumpitz Design blog
Finally mitts for me 🙂 Merino Extrafein, Hamburger Wollfabrik

I made a new pair of convertible mittens. Check!

Mrs.Mumpitz Convertible Mittens with thumb flap knitting pattern
Mrs.Mumpitz Convertible Mittens with thumb flap

What else is on the list? Hmm, let me see…

  • travel more! YESS!!!! I am so ready to see new places after being grounded due to maternity that I cannot decide where to go first. .. But at least two countries I haven’t been to yet will be ticked off my list this year! Travel Turtle needs holidays!
  • dye more yarrrrrns! I’ve got a huge box full of lovely fresh un-dyed beauties that need tending to! Time to get creative! (see my hand dyes yarns here)
  • Improve photography skills and go for a night shoot in town (You can see more of my pictures on Instagram)
  • loose 15kgs until my son’s first birthday (oh yes, I will! 5 down already!)
  • stash down more – I’ll be keeping count of the amounts I use from stash this year and will hope to loose some kgs there, too 😛
  • design more – I already have my first new pattern in testing now and can’t wait for you to see it! Here’s a sneak peek:

    Mumpitz Design blog
    New pattern in testing! Stay tuned for release

I have been working with this bunch of gorgeous Cascade yarns, which are just incredible to work with. so soft and shiny!! They will soon turn into my newest addition to the Mumpitz Design pattern family!

Mumpitz Design blog
Cascade Yarns Utra Prima

So far so goo.What’s on your list? Now I only need to get everything done!

Let’s start by finishing this wip 🙂

Happy knitting!


6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday, new pattern sneak peek and 2018 goals

  1. One is a secret so don’t ask! ;p Started Stana’s mkal and cilla is starting one in a couple of days. Ummm wot else…oh and hooking a Pug Benedict for a lady.
    Zomg though, definitely want to see that shawl!

    oh and yay you for losing some kilo’s, way to go woman!

  2. sounds like a plan!! I’m looking forward to seeing some project pics from you soon!

    Oh yes, maternity hasn’t been a burst of training motivation for me.. so oh. well… 🙂

    1. There’s 2 cute tests just finished to get you started on some pics.

      oh heck, don’t worry about planned exercise, you’ll be getting plenty soon enough when he starts running around. Boy do I miss those days.

      1. Such cute unicorns! I really love them!

        Oh, my older son is 2 and a real sport 🙂 Haha, just running after him is a lot of exercise already. 🙂 Looking forward number two to be up and running in a different direction!

  3. You have great goals!
    My only goal was to use the yarn in my stash, but oops, 10 days into the new year and I had already bought more yarn 🙁 😀 I am bad at keeping resolutions 😀

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