Operation Sockdrawer – mission accomplished!

Operation Sockdrawer – mission accomplished!

It started in April, when I was faced with two problems:

1: My Sockables Drawer was STILL about to explode (even after One year of yarn diet there was only a tiny dent in it!!)

Mumpitz Design blog
Sockables after one year

2: My husband was complaining that I never made socks for him (NOT true, but he’s a size 47 and pretty picky, so NOT cool to knit for him, just saying!).

So the obvious solution to both problems was to make a bunch of socks for him. And me, being a pragmatic person and all, combined this with the ever returning challenge to find TWO gifts for Christmas (since that’s also my hubby’s birthday). So the advent calendar idea was born.

I am quite amazed that it did not take as much time as I initially thought to finish not  only 24 socks, but 24 PAIRS in size 47 for him. Only 4 months later my mission was already accomplished! YESSS! Call me a knitting machine!

Mumpitz Design blog
24 pairs of socks in XXXXL

And all of this knitting happened while juggling dayjob, two toddlers, the usual kid-related sleep deprivation and publishing my new designs for the Jormungandr Socks and matching fingerless mittens! (You can still enter and win the giveweay here until Sept 9th 23:59 CET)!)

And isn’t this the coolest pile of socks ever?? Too bad they are all way too large for me.. *Sniff*

Mumpitz Design blog
24 pairs of socks in XXXXL

After my Bergfest in June knitting went incredibly fast for some reason unknown to me.

Mumpitz Design blog
Bergfest on my 24 pairs of socks

Maybe it was summer with its loooong evenings or just the thought to be able to start something other than socks once I was done or just the incredible colours of the yarns, that made it such fun to go on…? Anyway: here they are! 24 pairs of size 47 socks for my husband’s advent calendar!

Mumpitz Design blog
24 pairs of socks in XXXXL

The only task remaining is to find a suitable wrapping idea for these. He’ll get one sock every day from Dec 1st until Christmas Eve as an early birthday gift (with maybe a little LEGO stuffed into each sock, to make him even happier – see, I’m a good wife :)) and the box with the 24 matching socks for Christmas 🙂

Mumpitz Design blog
24 pairs of socks in XXXXL

Do you remember the box of yarns that I got for this project? All brandnew colourways of beautiful Opal yarn (read more in the original post here).

Mumpitz Design blog
Opal yarns 2018 edition

I LOVED working with them, just looking at them makes me happy already, these colours are just what makes me tick. So I guess it’s no surprise that the socks knit up in no time! Even as most pairs are plain vanilla socks I think they all have a lot of character, don’t you think?

Mumpitz Design blog
24 pairs of socks in XXXXL

24.3. Pair one – Opal Abo
28.3. Pair two – done Uganda Timmy
01.4. Pair three – done Geburtstagsparty Kerzen und Glückwünsche
9.4. Pair 4 – Regenwald 14, Sascha der Sommelier
18.4. Pair 5 – Symphonie der Träume, Wildes Wasser + lautes Geröll
2.5. Pair 6 – Regenwald 14 Coco der Schokolatier + Die Dessertmeister
30.5. Pair 7 – Regenwald 14 Georg der Grillmeister + Handwerk & Hobby 3 Meine Leidenschaft Zimmermann
31.5. Pair 8 – Regenwald 14 Georg der Grillmeister + Handwerk & Hobby 3 Meine Leidenschaft Zimmermann
01.6 Pair 9 Sinfonie der Träume Dunkler Wald & Prächtige Wiese
06.6 Pair 10 Sinfonie der Träume * tobendes Meer*
16.6. Pair 11 Regenwald 14 Coco der Schokolatier + Sinfonie der Träume gemütliche Lava
24.6. Pair 12 Regenwald 14 Die Gemüserowdys + Sinfonie der Träume Vollkommener Regenbogen
26.6. Pair 13 Schafpate X – Lisa schmückt die Wiese (available from Sep 28 2018)
1.7. Pair 14 Schafpate X – Clara bringt Kuchen (available from Sep 28 2018)
7.7. Pair 15 Schafpate X – Oskar verschüttet den Sekt + Handwerk & Hobby 3 – Meine Leidenschaft Tierfreund (available from Sep 28 2018)
12.7. Pair 16 Sinfonie der Träume – dunkler Wald + Schafpate X – Hannah mixt Cocktails
18.7. Pair 17 Sinfonie der Träume – Aufbrausender Wind + Handwerk & Hobby 3 – Meine Leidenschaft: Leseratte
25.7. Pair 18 Little Secrets 6ply – Spurensuche im Eiscafe (available from Sep 18 2018)
28.7. pair 19 Little Secrets 6ply – Die Begegnung mit dem Waldgeist (available from Sep 18 2018)
3.8. Pair 20 Little Secrets 6ply – Das geheimnisvolle Buch (available from Sep 18 2018)
7.8. Pair 21 Schafpate X – Willi wirft Konfetti + Sinfonie der Träume – lautes Geröll (available from Sep 28 2018)
14.8. Pair 22 Schafpate X – Emma singt Happy Birthday (available from Sep 28 2018)
16.8. PAir 23 Schafpate X – Lotte packt Geschenke aus (available from Sep 28 2018)
20.8. Pair 24!!! Winterspiele XXL 8ply – Skispringen (available from Oct 10 2018)

In total I used 2083 grams of yarn for this project. And now?

Well… this is what’s left of the 29 balls I started with:

Mumpitz Design blog
Leftovers!!! Oh YEAH!

So the downside of this whole operation is, that my Socksbles drawer has worde conditions than before (sorry, yarns! I promise I won’t keep it this way!)

Mumpitz Design blog
The Sockables Drawer 2018

But guess who’s as happy as a clam about these? Crafty little Mrsmumpitz – the leftover-noodle!

Mumpitz Design blog
Mumpitz Design blog
Hot air balloon Mobile made from leftoverssss

Now I can’t wait to join the #monstersocks2018 KAL on Instagram. So I’m happily knitting away now and am amazed how much faster projects just jump off my needles when they are NOT size 47 🙂

I should do these kind of things more often!

Need inspiration for what to do with leftovers? Look here 20 free leftover projects! and a tutorial on different Scrap blending techniques

Happy knitting!

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  1. You are such a good wife! That is quite an accomplishment and they are amazing!!! I love all the colors you used and he will be styling when wearing all of those this fall/winter. I feel like I should go knit something for my husband, poor guy. =(

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