New pattern: Frigg’s mitts and socks + giveaway

New pattern: Frigg’s mitts and socks + giveaway

Autumn is upon us with full might, rainstorms and even the first snow, so it’s about time for more cozy knitting.

I am very happy to present to you the third set of pattern in my Norse series. After Jormungandr and Oden now please meet Frigg, Oden’s wife and goddess of wisdom, patron of motherhood and mother of Balder, god of poetry. Her long golden hair is praised in many stories. With simple details and gently winding braids this set of patterns shall represent her beauty and grace.

Friggs Socks knitting pattern
Friggs Socks knitting pattern

Frigg’s Mitts and Socks (click for pattern on Ravery)

Friggs Mitts knitting pattern
Friggs Mitts

I wanted to create something simple ut beautiful and I hope this meets your standards 🙂 I loved knitting up these two pairs. Especially in this horrible weather the sunny brightness of the Frigg’s Socks made me happy. I love how only the thumb shows off the pattern in the mitts and am definitely planning to make some warm winter mitts with the pattern soon!

The socks are made from Cascade Heritage Lemon (5644) and Gold Fusion (5723). For he mitts I used Cascade Sorata in Peridot (19).

About the patterns:

Friggs Socks knitting pattern
Friggs Socks knitting pattern photographed with a skein of Mumpitz Sock glitter golden sunset

The patterns shows off very well on solid or semi solid yarns.

This pattern set is the third set in a series of four, inspired by Norse Mythology. (read more here and here)

The first set is Jormungandr Socks and Jormungandr Mitts
The Second set is Oden’s Socks and Oden’s Mitts

These patterns are suitable for knitters with some experience.

Techniques used are:
– knitting and purling in the round
– simple increases (left and right leaning)
– knitting cables
– stretchy bind off

Friggs Mitts knitting pattern
Friggs Mitts made from Cascade Sorata

What you need:


  • ~50g fingering yarn, for example Cascade yarns Sorata (400m/100g) in your favourite colours.
  • 5 double pointed needles 2.5 or 3mm
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle to sew in ends


  • ~100g sock yarn (depending on size), for example Cascade Yarns Heritage (400m/100g) in two contrasting colours (colour A: ~ 30g, colour B ~70g)
  • 5 double pointed needles (or circular needle) 2.5 or 3mm (Pattern is written for dpns)
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle to sew in ends

Thank you to my wonderful test knitters strickhummel2108anniyamokla010 and SINessi, to Binle and suzieqtee for proof reading!

Here are their beautiful creations!

Mumpitz Design blog
Test knits!
Friggs Socks knitting pattern
Friggs Socks knitting pattern

For this release am working again with Cascade Yarns,  Meike from Nadelmikado and also with Solveig from Frostpfoetchen to bring you two special bundles of happiness to win!

As for the last two releases you’ll have two chances of winning, one here on my blog and the other on Instagram. (read ON!)

For this release Meike has created the most stunning limited edition matching the Frigg’s Socks and Mitts set! The edition is limited to 4 bags (only 1 of each colour) and will be available in her shop as of today. I really want one of these myself!

Mumpitz design blog
Nadelmikado’s limited Friggs edition

Solveig from Frostpfoetchen has made two sets of stitch markers especially for this release for you to win. Six markers each with a silver world tree (Yggdrasil), one set in amber and this one in Chromdiopside.

If you are a newsletter subscriber for this blog you have already received exclusive coupon codes for the Frigg’s Set of patterns and also for Meike’s project bags that were exclusively made for this release and also a discount code for Frostpfoetchen‘s shop!  So if you don’t want to miss out on your next chance, go and subscribe right now 🙂 The next release is already planned!

Now for the Giveaway info!

As for last time I’m giving away two different sets, one here on my blog and one on Instagram (head over there, too to enter your name twice!)

To celebrate the release of the third of four sets inspired by Norse Mythology

Jormungandr Socks and Mitts

Oden’s Socks and Mitts

Frigg’s Socks and Mitts

Mumpitz Design blog
Norse knit series

NadelmikadoCascade Yarns, Frostpfoetchen and myself are giving you the chance to

win one of these two wonderful packages

Set Nr 1 in greens containing:

Mumpitz Design Blog
win me!

Or maybe set Nr 2?

If you want to win one of these beautiful packages you just have to do the following:

  • sign up for my newsletter
  • comment on this blog post with two things: 1. Which of the two sets would make you happy as a clam 2. Which of my other patterns would you totally turn into a Christmas gift?

Done it all? Yay! You just entered your name in the giveaway! Good luck!

If you are on Instagram, you will have another chance of winning one of these packages, head over to my profile and check out the rules for entering! Good luck!!

The winners will be chosen randomly on WEDNESDAY, November 7th 2018 at 15:30 GMT! 

Friggs Socks knitting pattern
Friggs Socks knitting pattern

Good luck and Happy knitting!

33 thoughts on “New pattern: Frigg’s mitts and socks + giveaway

  1. I would love the #1 (peridot is my birthstone after all!).
    And I would totally love to make the Best Woodland Friends!

  2. Huhuuu Doreen, im Gewinnfall würde ich mich über Set 1 sehr freuen.
    Und die Anleitung Drachenmütze finde ich sooooo schön.

    Dein neues Design ist wie immer der Hammer !!!! 💙💚💛

  3. I would love to win the 1 set. That green is beautiful! And as a Christmas gift I would love to knit Jormungandr mitts ans socks.

  4. # 1 is sooo far out of my comfort zone (green!) but somehow so pretty that it would totally make my day!

    And I lovelovelove the Convertible Monster Mittens which would make a great gift (Christmas or otherwise) for a bunch of kids I know. Or myself 🙂

  5. dear mrs mumpitz,
    just discovered your lovely patterns. valentina would be a very nice gift for all my girlfriends who also knitt.
    2 is my favorite set is the sm remind me of amber

  6. I simply love your dragon hat! It is definitely on my list of things to be knitted for my granddaughter 😉
    As green is absolutely not my colour … and blue one of my favorites …I would love set number two! 😀

  7. Hi Dorren,
    Ich liebe das türkis des 2.Sets, falls ich gewinne also dies 😊
    Und die Pointy Pompom Mütze wird noch zu einem Weihnachtsgeschenk verstrickt werden

  8. Hallo Doreen, das neue Sockenmuster ist wunderschön! Ganz klasse finde ich auch das Muster In Bloom Shawl. Im Falle eines Gewinnes, würde ich mich über das erste Set sehr freuen! Liebe Grüße Sonni

  9. I would be happy with either set but the green paisley bag is really pretty. I would make the coffee time mitts as a gift for a friend.

  10. I feel like set #2 is calling to me. So gorgeous!
    And the Cuddle Me Caterpillar would be the perfect gift for my niece’s 1st Christmas. I loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a child and want to pass a great classic on to the next generation.

  11. I love the set #2. For gift making i would make the Follow Me Mittens for my sister (and i will make me an extra set, just for me)

  12. My fave color is blue, so set #2 would be fab! I would make a scrappyphant for my stuffie-obsessed child. 🙂

  13. Liebe Doreen ❤️ Deine neuen Anleitungen sind wunderschön.
    Falls ich gewinne, würde ich mich über Set 2 freuen. Da ich Mitts so gerne stricke, möchte ich gerne noch die Jormungandr Mitts für meine Freundin stricken.

  14. Found you through the Knit n Chat Facebook page. Just signed up for your newsletter-so excited. I love set Nr 1 and would love to make the Chase the Dragon socks.

  15. I love nr2 but the nr1 would be perfect as a gift for my daughter aince the color is her favorite. A lovely beautiful giveaway..thank you.

  16. I love you sock/mitt collections!! I would selfishly knit those for myself, so I’d probably have to knit your Hilde Hippo and some of the other cute stuffies for my nieces and nephews! I have been wanting a green yarn lately, so the first set really catches my eye! (I signed up for your newsletter. Just wish I’d done it sooner!)

  17. The 2nd set would make me happy as a freshwater clam! Love the color! I have 2 patterns that caught my eye… Valentina the sheep because I just love sheep. And the chasing the dragon mitts. They are just lovely!

  18. I would knit your Jormungandr mitts for Christmas. Both kits are lovely so it would be a nice surprise gift to open. Thank you.

  19. I would prefer set no 2 and would so much like to win (also because I missed the testknit).

    What would I like to knit as a Xmas gift? You have so many wonderful pattern I would like to do for a Xmas gift… I do like your Monster hats, your cuddly items, your socks and mitts, everything 💕

  20. I would be thrilled with either but the green is calling to me!! As for your patterns, the Jormungandr mitts are amazing. I love cables!!

  21. Set No. 2 calls to me – blue yarn is a siren song. Your little toys would make great gifts for my grandsons. The Oden Mitts would also be a good gift. I enjoy knitting and giving fingerless mitts. Thanks.

  22. Die neuen Anleitungen gefallen mir sehr gut und ich freue mich drauf sie bald auszuprobieren.
    Stricken werde ich die Pointy mitts – ich weiß schon, wer sich darüber freuen wird.
    Sollte ich gewinnen, würde ich mich für Set 1 entscheiden.

  23. set 2 for me is my choice. Thx for having another contest. Your work is beautiful.
    I have used cascade with diff sized needles and after discovering your works I now use smaller needle size and get better stitch definition. Thank you for your designs. your Jormungandr is my fav and then Oden is next in line…lol

  24. I’m very much digging set 2, as well as the Jormungandr socks. I’ve already faborited them in Ravelry 🙂

  25. Set 1 would be my choice for this pattern set. I’ve always associated her with the colors nature greens and harvest yellows as you have knit here. I would make the Odin set a gift for my husband. He follows the teachings of Odin and would love to have the set. I would probably end up making all of these as gifts for our kindred really

    1. hallo und vielen Dank! Wenn du alle drei to-do-Punkte abgehakt hast, nehme ich deinen Namen gern mit in den Lostopf 🙂

  26. I would love to win set two! The project bag especially is so pretty!

    I would make sally the squirrel from your other patterns ☺️

  27. I would love to win Set Nr 2 in blue and I would choose to make the “Cuddle me catterpillar” as it was one of my childrens favorite picture book. There grown up now and no grandchildren yet, but who knows!

  28. I’d choose set 1 (at least today – maybe just because it snowed here, but the green is calling me). I’d knit the Dart Mitts as a Christmas gift.

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