The Advent calendar face

The Advent calendar face

Hooray! No need to keep the big socking mission a secret any longer! I can’t believe I managed to keep my mouth shut about this so I’m super relieved that December finally is here so my husband can open his advent calendar.

It took me 4 month of continuous knitting and a few hours of wrapping (I’m not a wrapping-genius, as you probably can tell….) to make this calendar for him, most of the time he was sitting next to me and he didn’t have a clue! What does that tell you about him, I wonder?? 🙂 (Read the article about the making of here)

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Advent calendar

He kept complaining that I never make socks for him all the while I was knitting like a madwoman. Thank goodness that he has no idea how big socks get once you put them on your feet vs when you have them on your needles 🙂 I guess this will shut him up for a while now 🙂

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Pair 11

We were away for the first three days of December so I was thrilled to finally make him open the first packages.  I just had to take pictures of his face and have to share it with you, of course!

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The advent-calendar face

He still has no clue how many socks are wrapped in the calendar, though, (his guess was 8, haha!) and whether or not there will be more for Christmas, but I’m sure his face will be equally happy once he opens the box with the matching 12 pairs for Christmas 🙂 But pssssst.

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24 pairs of socks in XXXXL

I’m off to catch up on my work now, so stay tunes for more pattern releases and giveaways, soon!!!

Happy knitting!

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