The Finale: Heimdallr Socks & Mittens + giveaway

The Finale: Heimdallr Socks & Mittens + giveaway

Start the drumroll for the grand finale! It’s about time.

You have seen three wonderful sets of cabled socks and mittens and maybe even learned a little about some figures from Norse Mythology: Jormungandr, the world snake. Oden, highest and wisest of Norse Gods and Frigg, his beautiful wife.

Now I would like to introduce you to Heimdallr, guardian of the burning rainbow bridge called Bifrost, which links Midgard, our world, to the seat of the Gods in Asgard. Heimdallr will sound the horn Gjallrhorn when the end of the world Ragnarök is upon us and fight in the last battle alongside the Norse warriors and gods.

Heimdallr Socks and Heimdallr Mitts

(click for patterns on Ravelry)

Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern
Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern
Heimdallr socks knitting pattern
Heimdallr socks

This last of four sets of patterns is dedicated to all Everyday-Heroes who make things happen without standing in the spotlight. 

In my case these heroes are my testknitters, without whom none of these patterns would make sense to anyone else but myself.

Thank you forever, you beautiful people! Your patience and keen eyes both caused and saved me loads of grey hair at the same time 🙂 

strickhummel2108anniyamokla010, SINessi,  kathinka14urmare, fee20000 and always to Binle and suzieqtee for your excellent proof reading!

Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern
Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern

Thank you also to my lovely model Ipshita and to my ever so patient and critical husband Sebastian, who had to endure my tantrums when neither pattern nor photography would turn out as I wanted it to be. You know a guy loves you when he puts up with this. 😛

Heimdallr socks knitting pattern
Heimdallr socks knitting pattern

For this last set I chose some small but pretty details, and I love how the thumb for the mittens takes up the main pattern for a short while, similar to the Frigg’s Mitts, but entirely different. 

I used Cascade yarns Heritage for the socks and Sorata for the mittens again and I’m very happy with both stitch definition and feel of the two yarns. 

Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern
Heimdallr Mitts thumb details

About the patterns:

After Jormungandr, Oden and Frigg now meet Heimdallr, guardian of the burning rainbow bridge called Bifrost, which links Midgard, our world, to the seat of the Gods in Asgard. Heimdallr will sound the horn Gjallrhorn when the end of the world Ragnarök is upon us and fight in the last battle alongside the Norse warriors and gods

This pattern shows off very well on solid or semi solid yarns.
Charts for different sizes and written pattern are given

This pattern completes a set with the Heimdallr Mitts and is the last in a series of four Norse inspired sets (click for patterns on Ravelry):

Jormungandr Mitts & Jormungandr Socks
Oden’s Mitts & Oden’s Socks
Frigg’s Mitts & Frigg’s Socks
Heimdallr Mitts & Heimdallr Socks

Techniques used are:
– knitting and purling in the round
– knitting cables
– German short rows (for the heel – tutorial included in this pattern)

Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern
Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern

What you need:

  • For the socks: ~100g sock yarn (depending on size), for example Cascade Yarns Heritage (400m/100g) in your favourite colour
  • For the mitts: ~50g fingering yarn, for example Cascade yarns Sorata (400m/100g) in your favourite colour.
  • 5 double pointed needles (or circular needle) 2.5 or 3mm (Pattern is written for dpns)
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle to sew in ends
Heimdallr socks knitting pattern
Heimdallr socks knitting pattern
Heimdallr socks knitting pattern
Heimdallr socks knitting pattern

For this pattern release I was again working with Cascade yarns, Nadelmikado and, for the first time with Aileen Clarke from Aileen Clarke Crafts in Scotland to put together two pretty bundles, that you can now win. 

Heimdallr socks design by Mumpitz Design, earrings by Aileen Clarke Crafts, project bag and needle protector by Nadelmikado

Aileen makes the most stunning needle felted treasures. I found her while browsing on Etsy and fell in love with her work immediately. She generously offered a pair of ridiculously cute sheep earrings and a beautiful shawl pin for this giveaway. 

Cascade yarn Sorata, shawl pin by Aileen Clarke crafts, project bag and needle protector by Nadelmikado

For this release Meike of Nadelmikado has created a super cute limited edition! The edition is limited to 3 bags and will be available in her shop as of today.  Do you see the patterns on the sheep? They all belong to previous limited edition bag fabrics. Such an amazing work!

Mumpitz Design blog
Liited edition project bags by Nadelmikado

If you are a newsletter subscriber for this blog you have already received exclusive coupon codes for the 8 patterns of the Norse Knits Series, for Nadelmikado’s project bags that were exclusively made for this release and also a discount code for Aileen’s shop!  So if you don’t want to miss out on your next chance, go and subscribe right now! 😛

Now for the Giveaway info!

For the last time (this year :P) I’m giving away two different sets, one here on my blog and one on Instagram (head over there, too, to enter your name twice!)

To celebrate the release of the last of four sets inspired by Norse Mythology

Jormungandr Socks and Mitts

Oden’s Socks and Mitts

Frigg’s Socks and Mitts

Heimdallr Socks and Mitts

8 Norse Knits by Mumpitz Design
8 Norse Knits by Mumpitz Design

NadelmikadoCascade Yarns, Aileen Clarke Crafts and myself are giving you the chance to

win one of these two wonderful packages

Set Nr 1 in including:

Mumpitz Design blog

Or maybe set Nr 2?

If you want to win one of these beautiful packages you just have to do the following:

  • sign up for my newsletter
  • comment on this blog post with two things: 1. Who is your everyday hero and why? 2. Which of my OTHER patterns would you turn into a gift for this person?

Done it all? Yay! You just entered your name in the giveaway! Good luck!

If you are on Instagram, you will have another chance of winning one of these packages, head over to my profile and check out the rules for entering! Good luck!!

The winners will be chosen randomly on WEDNESDAY, December 19th 2018 at 15:30 GMT! 

I wish you all happy knitting and a merry Knitmas! 

Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern
Heimdallr Mitts knitting pattern

19 thoughts on “The Finale: Heimdallr Socks & Mittens + giveaway

  1. I would love to win a set nº 2.
    As for my everyday hero, it is my best friend E. Her friendship, her fidelity and continuous support, in good and in bad or difficult moments, is a real treasure in my life.
    I would love to knit her Frigg’s socks and mitts.

  2. My everyday hero is my grandma because she’s so good at making everyone feel important, and I’d make her a pair of Jormungandr Socks.

  3. Hallo
    Mein täglicher Held ist mein Partner,weil er jeden Tag Menschen hilft und unterstützt die es nicht so gut haben und krank sind!
    Ich würde ihn liebend gerne die Odens Socken stricken!
    Liebe Grüße Sonja

  4. My mom is my hero, she’s had so many serious health conditions but goes through it like a champ and is my best friend and my rock.. she’s my inspiration.

    I love these patterns so much! On ravelry the Friggs design is my fav 🙂

  5. I would like to win set 2. My mother was my everyday hero because we were together day night most of my entire life before she passed. I would said we were apart at night less than 60 days in my life. She was my mom, best friend, traveling partner and shopping partner. I have severe asthma my entire life she spending many nights and days taking care of me. I think that is one of the reasons we were so close. I would knit the Hot Waffles Socks for my older sister.
    She and I are doing things like I did with my mom now.

  6. Mom, just for surviving to 92 years old, and still being up and about, living independently. I’d knit her the In Bloom collection. Love, and need, that shawl pin. The earrings are wonderful too, but neither Mom nor I are pierced.

  7. My everyday hero? There are many invisible heros near to me. But the First who came to my mind is my aunt. She took care of her mother, who finally lost her fight against cancer. Then she took care of her uncle, he died earlier this year and now she takes care of her aunt, her dad and her mother-in-law. And beside all of this she is a ever helping Hand to my cousins, my Brother, me and my Family… I Would knit the „follow me mittens“ to her.

  8. My hero is my 96 year old aunt who is recovering from a hip replacement, studying French, taking Thai cooking classes and looking forward to getting back to yoga classes. I would knit her Hot Waffles because she loves all bright colors.

  9. My hero is my mother. Leading by example she has taught me unconditional love, strength, grace, humility, honesty and generosity. She is my best friend. No matter what circumstances arise she stays true to herself and her beliefs. My favorite pattern is frigg mitts so I would make those for her. However, if I ever perfect making socks, she would probably like those better. I just need more practice with socks.

  10. my sis, who cares for us all [small family] with a smile and encouragement when we need a hand. I would knit her the frigg set with a matching cowl and hat for our cool Alaskan winter … she takes us to and from our doctors, etc.

  11. My every day hero is definitely my husband. No matter the daunting adversities life has shoved him through, he has always turned the other cheek and chosen kindness. I would love to make the Heimdal socks for him, it totally fits with his love of history and mythology.

  12. Plus hat for my husband. He is my hero because he never gives up. He was in an accident in 1984 as a young man and had to have his left leg amputated. In recent years he has had all sorts of health but he never stops! He does so much good for other people and never complains.

  13. I’d have to say my dad. He’s the only person in my life that never let me down, would do anything for anyone, active up until his last day, always had a smile for me every day we were together and could say I love you and mean it..even though his age bracket never said those things.
    This will be my first Christmas without his physical presence but the gift I would have given him would have been a pair of Jormungandr Mitts or Mrs.Mumpitz’ Black&White Mittens. The reason being that shortly before his passing I found out that he’d never owned a pair of gloves at any stage in his life.

    Congrats on all of hub’s socks too! 😉

  14. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway and for the new-to-me introduction to Aileen – her felted goodies are amazing! That shawl pin in Set #2 is sooooo cute!

    My everyday hero is my Mom – she had a stroke 2 years ago and a mastectomy 2 months ago – she’s always been so strong in taking care of everyone. She’s now about to deal with something really serious …… my dear Dad will be having a triple heart bypass in early January. I know she’ll be okay, but how much more does she have to endure?

    I would choose to knit my Mom either your Coziness Fingerless Mitts or your Convertible Mitts with Thumb Flap. The reason I chose these is because my Mom also suffers with Reynaud’s syndrome (cold hands and feet) and I know that these would be helpful for her.

  15. My hero is my good friend Trish, who runs an animal rescue for special needs animals. She’s does so much good, giving voice to the voiceless! I would make her the woodland animals. I know she would love them!

  16. I think we all are everyday heros! Starting every morning and trying to make it a good day for all we love – and ourselves. If I should have to point at one person, it would be mbh 😉 for whom I would (as soon as my right index finger will bend again) knit your follow-me-mittens – they are just lovely

  17. my person is my friend Mo, she runs 2 daycares of her own for kids and then has 3 of her own kids with learning disabilities, takes in every underdog to help them , she is just the definition of a caregiver of the community. I would also make Frigg’s Mitts & Frigg’s Socks for her. Her strength is amazing

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