Knitting Mojo, I’m out to get you!

Knitting Mojo, I’m out to get you!

This winter is getting to me. After nearly 5 months of grey and cold I feel like I might go stir-crazy. Or colour blind. Or both.

Even my usually completely overflowing knitting mojo seems to be drained by the constant cold and cheerlessness of this place. One of my students said that ‘Sweden in winter is like all the colour has been sucked out of this place’. Spot on, if you ask me.

So I’ve been trying to counter with some cheerful leftover projects, all of which went into my shop.

Leftovers of Schoppel Zauberball 100 are so versatile

Which is mostly the same project… as you can see. Coziness fingerless mitts

But somehow very satifsying, as I can make a pair within two days of commuting to and from work on the train and cheer people up with these colours on the way.

Coziness fingerless mitts knitting pattern

It’s also very satisfying that I can just grab and match any tiny leftover that happens to roll my way, and enjoy the colours as the change.

Coziness fingerless mitts knitting pattern
Coziness fingerless mitts knitting pattern

Because who needs matching mittens anyway??

Coziness fingerless mitts knitting pattern
Wait a minute, this is not Schoppel. But Lang Jawoll Magic 🙂 Still love it!

At one point I even knit from one skein only. Seriously, how bored was I??

Coziness fingerless mitts knitting pattern
Coziness fingerless mitts knitting pattern

But now I really think I need to get my motivation up and knit something different. And I picked another project for the UseWhatYouHaveKAL2019 which will hopefully turn into a lovely tee without me having to add millions of modifications because I run out of yarn.

You see, knitting from complete skeins has become some kind of novelty for me, since all I seem to do is knitting from scraps, which I love. So I’m really scared that these two wonderful skeins of Wollmeise Pure will not suffice for a tee my size, wish me luck!

Mumpitz Design Blog
Revival of the knitting Mojo

I picked a sweet and colourful tee called Elfe by Astrid Scramm that has been in my queue since 2013!! And matched it to yarns that I received as a gift before my second son was born in 2017. So I guess that hits the definition of using what I have quite well 🙂

I better get knitting then, lest my mojo might bail on me again.

What are you doing to keep your crafting mojo up? All tips welcome!!

Happy knitting!

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