UseWhatYouHaveKAL April

UseWhatYouHaveKAL April

I have not been very creative in March, but I’ll definitely change that this month! My newest project for the UWYHKAL is growing like crazy and I have high hopes that this one will get me into the sweater-and-tee-mood for good. I need more big projects to de-stash quicker and I have so many ideas for colourways to dye, so I need more space, too 🙂

So here’s a bit of progress that I made on my Elfe tee. Now I only need to knit straight until the end, can’t wait to wear it! I even think the yarn will be enough for this once.

Mumpitz Desin blog
Progress on my Elfe tee

There were so many beautiful projects made for the KAL during the month of March that it was hard not to fill up my queue again at once. Although I could not resist to add a few, just to be sure I’ll have enough projects to last for eternity 😛

Mumpitz Design Blog
Atelier deSoyun!

This wonderful prize was won by miesmuschel in my Ravelry group, who made this adorable pizza delivery guy after a pattern by Amanda Berry aka FluffandFuzz

Mumpitz Design blog
Pepperoni the rat made by miesmuschel

This month’s prize is a lovely donation from one of our group members. Owl-knitting is destashing for real and throws these lovely skeins from Drachenwolle into the ring.

Mumpitz Design blog
Win me this April!

I’m sure to knit a little faster, as this time it will be her drawing the winner in the end of April. 🙂 Come and join us, knit from stash and and use a pattern that you have but haven’t used yet! It’s fun to check things off your to-do-list!

Happy knitting!

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