Stash down is full on

Stash down is full on

After a few days of holidays in the deep south (read Netherlands and Belgium), where the only thing I knitted was a single pair of socks (and I didn’t even finish that until I got back home) it’s now time to dig deep into my stash and knit bigger.

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Holiday slow socks

Travel Turtle and I had a great time visiting spring down south first in the tulip country of the Netherlands

where we unabashedly played tourist and enjoyed some amazing weather, flowers, liquorice and SPRING!

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Travel Turtle at Kinderdijk

before moving on to Belgium to stuff our faces with chocolate and waffles in Bruges. If you haven’t been there yet, this is the most pittoresque town I’ve seen in ages. Want to get a glimpse of the city? Check out the movie In Bruges with Colin Farell and Ralph Fiennes! 🙂 Be sure to expect some british humour, too…

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Travel Turtle in Bruges aka Brugge

Before the holidays I started with this sweet little tee following a pattern called Elfe that has been in my library forever, knit from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Twin that I received as a gift before my kids were born. Ha. I totally used what I had.

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Progress on my Elfe tee

And I finished it right after we got back. I really love the fit of this one! And even though my wardrobe is mostly black this one really makes my everyday. I loved knitting it, the pattern is pretty straightforward and easy to make, and with only four ends to weave in perfect for a lazy bug like me 🙂 I’m sure this one will not be the only one I make from the pattern!

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I already cast on a new sweater. Seems like I’m hooked! (or needled…)

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Driftwood progress

This one is called Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer and it’s a free pattern. I love the sweet simplicity of this pattern. And also the stripes 🙂 Let’s hope it’ll fit.

This will be the fifth project for the UseWhatYouHaveKAL2019 and I really love the fact that I finally get to use some patterns that I have had my eyes on forever with yarns from stash. These two lovelies were a souvenir from our honeymoon in New Zealand almost 5 years ago, so it’s about time to use them! They are Touch Yarns 4ply Possum Merino and feel incredibly soft!

As I own tons of colourful yarns and my de-stashing mode is on for real, I guess my wardrobe needs to find a way to cope with a burst of colour from now on.

So far I’ve used 1566 grams of (mostly fingering) yarn from stash! I intend this number to increase drastically and boil my stash down to a reasonable (fill in your own definition of reasonable) size before the year is out. Omm.

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Travel Turtle at Mount Cook / Aoraki, New Zealand

I’ll leave you here with a memory of our honeymoon in NZ 2014 (No, Travel Turtle and I are not married, but if you can spot her in this picture your eyesight is really good!) but you can follow her for more pictures on Instagram here.

Happy knitting!

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