Stash and squeeze deluxe – or: We’re moving!

Stash and squeeze deluxe – or: We’re moving!

Time flies and I haven’t really been able to get anything written down on here for a while. If you have been wondering why no new designs or posts have been popping up, I’ve been neck deep in paperwork.

We’re been busy planning, packing and organizing… Since we’ll be moving to New Zealand in less than two weeks! This has been in the planning for a while, but now things got real so fast! Although it still feels incredibly unreal. Safe for the strange echo in our living room, which is very very scary in so many ways.

We’ve been moving between countried before, but never before so far and never with small kids, so this will be a very special adventure. Since we’re not ‘expats’ we organize everything ourselves and this is fun and scary at the same time. And if you ave ever moved to a foreign country you know that it doesn’t stop at finding a job or house hunting.

by processMaker

In my yarn drawer, which now holds all the pretties that have lived spread out across all of our house, there’s a terrible squash and squeeze. See the poor skeins trying to jump out already?? How Can I let them travel unaccompanied for such a long time?

Help! Get us out of here!

My stash will live in a container for the next three months while shipping to New Zealand, so I’m really trying to figure out how much yarn to bring on the plane. Will 5-6 balls be enough? Will I even have time for knitting while house hunting, setting up daycare, figuring out our way around a new place and working? Also, it feels kind of stupid to bring a truck load of yarns (er, I mean, my 10 skeins that my hubby knows of :P) to a country that has three times the number of sheep as human inhabitants…

My fav drawer, SOCKABLES!

After eight years here in Stockholm, Sweden it’s finally time to explore other corners of the world and time to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful cities I ever visited/lived in.
View from Skansen Museum, Stockholm

Built on 14 islands and boasting some incredible architecture and charming corners wherever you go, this city is a gem in the north. So much nature, water and character is certainly not found everywhere.

Although people could definitely use some lessons in social competence (yes, I’m looking at you, Stockholm!) we’ll be missing the tranquil places, our private lake just five minutes down the hill and our dear friends who made life here a lot more bearable during the long and dark winters.
Stockholm, view on Östermalm

We’ll be sad to leave, but also so excited for a change of venue! Although this wasn’t too bad for a crafter’s corner:P

Goodbye Sweden – you’ve been good to us

I’m desparately trying to finsh my last gift for a friend’s new baby, but without a sofa to sit on it’s not really nice knitting anymore. Maybe I’ll need to move to a cozy cafe in town for finishing this! 🙂 This will be a Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan by Joji Locatelli (free pattern) made from squishy shash yarn (Delphi).

Garter Stitch Baby Cardigan in the making

Anyway, this will be a big adventure. Moving to the other end of the world (I think we could literally not go any further away). If you feel like peeping in to our adventures abroad (ha!! Sweden already was ‘abroad’, but you know what I mean) please pop by and visit @Mrsmumpitz_Travelturtle on Instagram to see some pictures of our old and new home.

Mrsmumpitz_Travelturtle in Stockholm

We’ll be swapping this view for this one.

Mumpitz Design blog
Mrsmumpitz_TravelTurtle at Mount Cook / Aoraki, New Zealand

and all of these!

If you are in New Zealand drop me a line, I’d be happy to connect with you!

To new adventures!!


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