Isolation Knits

Isolation Knits

Sorry for my long abstinence! Summer is not the greatest time for staying indoors and blogging over here, but at least my stash arrived, finally! So yay! I’m back! And with autumn creeping in I’m ready for new knitting adventures!

Especially my beloves scraps have been dearly missed, so I was eager to dive right in again and made some Hot Air Balloons again. These are so much fun!!!

Hot air balloons mobile in the making
Hot air balloons mobile ready to take off

These two duckies just flew off my needles and away to someone special. The pattern is Dalla the Duck and was the first toy pattern I ever wrote.

Besides a few smaller knits that I finished I am also working on a new pattern, which has been on my mind for a looong time now. Curious? Here’s a sneak peek 🙂

Pattern in progress

Stay tuned for a new colourful knitting pattern release!

With this crazy Coronavirus is speeding around the globe even New Zealand has now had a few cases confirmed. And where Europe is in full Lockdown-modealready, we’re still relatively chill over here. 
But still, if you are prepping for or are already in self-isolation, you probably have a lot of knitting time on your hands (if you don’t have kids in Berserker-mode around the house. 

So I’m offering you 60% off any of my patterns to keep you busy and happy during the weeks to come and hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Use the code QUARANTINEKNIT during checkout on Ravelry.

Ends on March 18, 23:59 Auckland time! So hurry 🙂 

Happy knitting!
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