GAL 2020 designer discoveries

GAL 2020 designer discoveries

Every year I am looking forward to having a good excuse for checking out new (to me) designers and their beautiful and inspiring work. And every year anew I am so amazed by the creativity and stunning designs that people put on display.

This year I stumbled across Amy Van den Laar’s beautiful designs. What cought my eye first was the intricate pattern on her Jaye Mitts and the gorgeous colour (I admit I’m a sucker for blue!). Aren’t they just gorgeous? I might give them a go during the GAL.

Jaye Mitts by Amy van den Laar

Also new to me is Makenzie Alvarez with her beautiful cabled designs. She has a lot of large knit designs, but since blankets and shawls usually are too much for my 5-second brain, I am having an eye on her The Twist socks for this GAL.

The Twist socks by Makenzie Alvarez

Do I see a slight obsession with cables emerging…? I might be using a semi solid hand dyed…

I very much like to knit small stuff that is quick to finish, as I don’t have a lot of knitting time between work and kids. So socks and mittens usually fit the bill. Ticking all the boxes for this, Carolyn Lisle’s designs caught my eye.

Her happy collection of colourful socks and mittens is just perfect for de-stashing projects and scrap-lovers alike.

How cool are these Fade in Fade Out socks?

Fade in Fade Out socks by Carolyn Lisle

I’ll keep on looking but these will defintely get me started into the holiday knitting season!

Which are your favorites? Have you started anything yet? I’ll stash dive now and can’t wait to cast on!

Happy knitting!

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