My GAL 2021 designer picks

My GAL 2021 designer picks

Just browsing through the list of participating designers this year makes my fingers itch and my head spin. There are so many new finds and such an inspirational lot of beautiful designs that I barely know where to start!

The Indie Design Gift-a-long is already in full swing and I wanted to give you a glimpse of what it looks like. My to-do-list grows by the second….

Here are some of my favourite finds this year:

Rebecca Newman is high up on my list of designers that I want to check out this year. Since I have received the license to knit baby things for a friend’s new baby girl, I’ll probably go crazy on her sweet baby cardigans and jumpers!

I might even throw in a Lennix for my boys, too 🙂 It’s summer now, so if I make them like 10 sizes bigger than they are now, it will surely fit them next winter. (Does anyone else feel like their kids are growing abnormally fast??)

Lennix by Rebecca Newman

Another new find for me is Lotta Groeger. Her happy socks and mittens patterns look like fun projects that don’t take too much time but make for some great gifts this year!

Especially her Reading Mittens have cought my eye 🙂

Would you be able to walk past these cool and colourful designs? I certainly can’t!

Carolyn Lisle aka Periwinkle Dragon Design has the coolest range of colourful knits, so I simply have to try some of her designs. Look at the MADvent shawl.. Oh my.

And if my crochet skills were just a little less rusty I would totally go for Elena Fedotova’s Chocomania!

Chocomania by r Elena Fedotova’s

And one more exceptional find this year for me is Tess Campbell with her incredible stranded scarf designs. Check this out!! This is quite possibly the coolest find this year for me, although it will take a loooong time for me to make one of these fabulous scarves.

What will YOU start with? Which are your favourite finds this year? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

Happy knitting!

3 thoughts on “My GAL 2021 designer picks

  1. Absolutely Tess Campbell with those scarves. Awesome newbie to the GAL. Her HP ones, both knit or crochet are so cool.
    THE pattern which caught my eye is the gorgeous shawl,
    Nuit d’etoiles by Ruth Nguyen! Another newbie!
    I’ve just set up my project page for this shawl. It will be a slow make, can’t see it being FO’d during the GAL, but I want to start it anyway!

    1. beautiful finds! I’ll never be able to finish a whole shawl for the GAL, but I’m trying to get at least two things done this year!

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