toy knitting pattern designer
Mrs.Mumpitz, Wellington, New Zealand

Hi there, I’m Doreen, aka Mrs.Mumpitz! I’m addicted to cute toys and colorful small knits, so I can’t stop making and designing them. You’ll find a range of my little knits here that are perfect for eating through your left over stash, since everything is small and doesn’t require a lot of yarn. Most of my patterns are suitable for beginners, but if you ever have a question please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Once upon a time…

It all started about ten years ago, when my sister in law was pregnant and I wanted to make a cuddly toy for my soon-to-be nephew. Like the one I was given by my aunt when I was born and still can’t sleep without today. So I went hunting for a toy pattern that fit the description: Perfect size, absolutely lovable, easy to knit and most importantly: NO SEWING REQUIRED! So there I was, leafing through what was at that time a pretty limited number of patterns of some very cute and lovable toys, but most of them were knit flat and in seemingly one million different pieces.

So instead of giving myself a headache, a pair of cramped hands and my nephew a toy that looked like a stitched-up zombie, I decided to give it a try and knit it up in the round. All limbs attached. Truth to be told, it took me a while to get the shaping right but once it was done, I promised myself to NEVER go back to knitting flat.

And here is what it became. The duck that started it all and it’s friend 🙂 Not quite the zombie, is it?

Toy Duck knitting pattern

Now, more than 40 designs later, I’m a mother myself. And where I thought that life was inspiring before, it is now a complete inspiration overkill! So I’m afraid I’ll have to bomb you with many more patterns in the future.

You can find my work on Ravelry, on Love Knitting, on Etsy and on Felt.