Dalla the Duck knitting pattern PDF

Dalla the Duck knitting pattern PDF



Dalla wants to be your friend! She loves to play with you, to comfort you when you’re sad and to make you smile with her cuteness.

This pattern is suitable for beginners.

The Duck is knit in the round with wings, feet and beak knit separately and sewn on later or, if you prefer, you can pick up the stitches for legs, wings and beak along the body and knit directly from there to save some sewing on later.

Techniques used are:

  • basic increases and decreases,
  • knit in the rounds, sometimes on two needles.

The Ducks in the pictures are made from M&K 100% eco cotton yarn and measure about 25cm high.

What you need: 

  • 10g DK cotton yarn or similar, sports weight in yellow and a contrasting colour (orange or different yellow)
  • Small mount of orange for beak and feet.
  • leftovers in black and white for the eyes and face.
  • 5 double pointed needles (2,5 – 3,5mm)
  • Tapestry needle
  • Fiberfill

Please tag your finished items on Instagram @MumpitzDesign so I can see them <3

This pattern includes two PDF files for the English version and the German version.


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