Norse Knits Collection – 8 knitting patterns PDF collection

Norse Knits Collection – 8 knitting patterns PDF collection



This collection includes ALL 8 KNITTING PATTERNS of the Norse Knits Series.

If you can’t decide which pattern to start with, knit them all 🙂

The sets are
Jormungandr Mitts & Jormungandr Socks: In Norse mythology, Jormungandr is the sea serpent that encompasses Midgard (our world), biting its own tail. These fingerless mittens and socks with their winding braids are a fabulous combination of mystic pattern and beautiful form.

Oden’s Mitts & Oden’s Socks: The possibly best known of the Norse gods goes by many names: Oden, Odin, Wotan, the Allfather and more. He gave one eye to acquire wisdom. Ever winding braids depict the all seeing eye of Oden.

Frigg’s Mitts & Frigg’s Socks:  The Norse goddess of wisdom and patron of motherhood is called Frigg. She is Oden‘s wife and mother of Balder, god of poetry. Her long golden hair is praised in many stories. With simple but gently winding braids this pattern shall represent her beauty and grace, with a wonderful focus on the thumb section on the mittens and a side-centered braid line on the socks.

Heimdallr’s Mitts & Heimdallr Socks Meet Heimdallr, guardian of the burning rainbow bridge called Bifrost, which links Midgard, our world, to the seat of the Gods in Asgard. Heimdallr will sound the horn Gjallrhorn when the end of the world Ragnarök is upon us and fight in the last battle alongside the Norse warriors and gods. Both socks and mittens feature an intriguing combination of nordic braids with exiting thumb details!

Charts and written instructions are given for three sizes, from kids to adult.
This pattern completes a set with the Oden‘s Mitts and is the second set in a series of four, inspired by Norse Mythology.

This patterns are suitable for knitters with some experience.

Techniques used are:
– knitting and purling in the round
– simple decreases
– knitting cables

What you need:

  • ~100g sock yarn (socks) (depending on size), for example Cascade Yarns Heritage (400m /100g) or similar in your favourite colourway
  • ~100g fingering yarn (mittens), for example Cascade yarns Sorata (400m/100g) in your favourite colour.
  • 5 double pointed needles (or circular needle) 2.5 or 3mm
  • stitch markers
  • Tapestry needle to sew in ends


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